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Heart this interview segment so much


"The planet has enough food for all, but it seems that there is a lack of willingness to share it with everyone." --Pope Francis, homily for the general assembly of Caritas Internationalis.

Northern Spy

Everything that Golden Delicious wants to be but isn't.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Universal Basic Income

"We think that, in a system where a (more social) conception of property would be in force, this axiom ('nothing for nothing') would not be able to survive. Quite to the contrary, the law of usus communis would lead us to establish that, at least and foremost, what regards the basic material and spiritual needs of the human person, it is proper for people to get, for nothing, as many things as possible... The human person being served in his basic necessities is only, after all, the first condition of an economy which does not deserve to be called barbarous.

"The principles of such an economy would lead to a better understanding of the profound meaning and the essentially human roots of the idea of inheritance, in such a way that... all men, upon entering into the world, could effectively enjoy, in some way, the condition of being a heir of the preceding generations." --Jacques Maritain, Integral Humanism

"Finally, it is this equal condition of being coheirs of everyone's efforts which makes it feasible for all people to get, as much as possible and at no cost, a share of the basic material and spiritual goods that are required for human existence." --Jacques Maritain, Principles of a Humanistic Economy

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The squirrels in the morning flew
from the fence top to the sunflowers,
ripe were the seeds, striped with white.

They gorged from the down-turned platters
slanted at maturity, chewing away
even the plate's pith matter.

Tail to nose ran their seasoned fur:
the black squirrels and the grey squirrels
started no war; each occupied

having fresh, fattening seeds
from a penitential sunflower.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017