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All of earth's worth at the end is birdsong.
Anew at that terminus, little notes
will draw water from your flagging eyes.
The long of life-pleasure turns cud-of-fodder
standing beside the song from one bird
window-near and out of view. A sky pond
lets your sight through if clouds dark it over,
or your own shade of head casts on it
the vibrating silhouette, the tadpole den
edge-tottered, reflecting back more of death
than afternoon; and then one is left
near a field's sister song, in a solitary
mirror; earth is just support enough
to be kicked away or folded up
like a rickety wooden ladder;
and perhaps earth is too much of support
that it lumbers you away from death
into a land of secondhand breath
where every mountain has a quarry,
and every stone has a north face.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Older interview but really good

"The money that has been inflating prices has been the commercial banks inflating real estate prices, inflating education prices, inflating prices for stocks and bonds...the inflationary money creation is by the commercial banks, not by the government. And nobody is talking about that. It's the banks that are creating money. Somehow people have believed that inflation is very good if what's going up is the price of your home. But then when the price goes down, what's really gone up is your debt. And what people thought was an asset boom and net worth and wealth creation - as Alan Greenspan said - it turns out to be debt creation. It's the private debt that is the residue of the bubble economy. Instead of trying to resolve that problem, by writing down the debts to the ability to pay, by writing down housing debts to the real value of the house or the current mortgage, or writing it down to the one quarter of your income - that used to be normal and is normal in other countries - by refusing to roll back the private debt and write it down, the government is pushing austerity here just exactly as the pound is doing, as the euro zone is doing. So all you have to do is look at Greece and Spain and Ireland and you say is this going to be America's future under this kind of pretense that government debt is bad and bank debt is good - run into more debt, that will save us - it's as if they believe the Americans can borrow their way out of debt. That's the current policy." --Michael Hudson.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Write down the debt

The government has the sovereign privilege. It is not like a household budget.

Public spending does not require taxes. Print the money and spend it into the economy - public infrastructure - without going through (tying everything up to) the private banks that financialize everything that ought not to be financialized.

We had in Canada the social credit system from the early thirties which got us out of the depression and which built our entire infrastructure, until Trudeau decided to ignore the Public Bank of Canada Act and went to the private banks. Within just two years of doing this the debt soared many, many, many times over the amount of debt that Canada had up until then even from its inception as a country.

Stop feeding the F.I.R.E. sector (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) as though we needed it. We don't. It is not the real economy.

Debt deflation is what's happening - together with asset price inflation.

Understand that term, "debt deflation". We don't have inflation, but debt deflation.

When will people wake up? Michael Hudson is one of the few I watch who actually talks sense.

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Title: Saturday Uplands

Medium: Oil on board

Size: 11in. x 13 in.

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Hardly anyone talks about Fukushima

Each and every day 300-400 tons of radioactive water - extremely radioactive water if one takes into consideration the measurements of radiation that are being taken at a proximate distance to the radioactive core - have gone into the Pacific over the past 6 years - probably more. That's water into the radioactive core and around it and then into the ocean.

And that's the sea water they've been pumping everyday. That doesn't include the unknowable amount of groundwater. The nuclear site sits on a large aquifer. There was full meltdown. The radioactive fuel has breached containment. It has been burning down into the groundwater at an unimaginable temperature.

And that doesn't include the above-ground highly radioactive water that they're storing in more and more rinky-dink storage tanks, one or some of which have already started leaking.

It's not like an oil spill. It's not like heavy metal contamination. It doesn't "dissipate" in the ocean. It's on the atomic level. It gets into the generative cycles of all life, concentrating on the atomic level. Of all places, the ocean is the worst place for it to go.

Fukushima is going to be the rudist awakening mankind has faced. And practically no one in the mainstream media is reporting on it. All the official pronouncements coming from TEPCO and others in Japan are a joke.

Over the next few years I think - and dread - it's all going to start rolling out. It already is. We're going to hear as normative speak, news anchors telling us about the boiling and dying of the Pacific and the radiation of the west coast.

The kind of stupidity that has been going on is the kind that has to be purposeful and enforced.

"If present trends continue, this century may well witness extraordinary climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequences for all of us." --Pope Francis, Laudato si

"The earth , our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth." --Pope Francis

"Everything is connected" --Pope Francis